How your $400,000 raised on April 12, 2019 is helping uninsured/underinsured cancer patients in Kansas City 

Thank you Kansas City for your generous donations to our April 12 Bra Couture KC event! This was another record breaking year in fundraising and it is important to us that you know how those dollars are impacting Kansas City.

New Cancer Services Center - North Kansas City Hospital

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a partnership with North Kansas City Hospital resulting in the opening of a new cancer services center at that hospital. Bra Couture KC funds will be used to create a Patient’s In Need Fund at this center to provide cancer supplies and services for uninsured/underinsured men, women and children. We are so excited to expand our cancer services into the Northland and grateful for this partnership with North Kansas City Hospital.

University of Kansas Health System 

At the University of Kansas Health System, Bra Couture KC supports two key areas; Missy’s Boutique, a cancer services center and Lymphedema Services:

Missy's Boutique Patients in Need

  • 3129 patients in need have benefitted (May 2011 to June 2019)

On average, our cancer center usually has an annual increase of 6-7% in patient volume. These funds will offer assistance to the growing need due to increased cancer case projections. Many of the offerings Missys’ Boutique supplies to patients are not covered by insurance, allowing our patients to obtain these items without hardship.

Bra Couture KC Lymphedema Program Fund

  • Lymphedema is a condition commonly caused by the removal of or damage to lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment.

  • The University of Kansas Health System is fortunate to have expanded lymphedema prevention services.The goal is to have new detection equipment at each of the KU cancer center locations with higher volume sites having multiple devices. This new technology will benefit breast cancer patients and provide easier access and potentially earlier detection of lymphedema.

There is opportunity to expand this program to lower extremity and other diseases for lymphedema prevention as well. This would expand services to include men.

Program expansion:

  • Increased total tests by 15.5% from 1st quarter 2018 to 1st quarter 2019.
  • 10/15/18 - Deployed 2 lymphedema detection devices in The Women’s Cancer Center at Indian
    Creek Campus
  • 11/18/18 - Deployed 3 lymphedema detection Sozo devices ( a Sozo device provides key
    measurements for a more exact treatment of lymphedema) in the Richard and Annette Bloch
    Cancer Care Pavilion in Westwood, Kansas.

Bra Couture KC’s goal is to have the Sozo devices at The University of Kansas Cancer Center locations in the suburbs, to provide easy access for more cancer patients and to help prevent lymphedema with earlier detection.