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Model Survivor Story: Robin Anchors

My grandmother had breast cancer when she was 45 so I started having mammograms at age 39. I always scheduled them in December around my birthday. I forgot to make my appointment in December of 2011-life was busy! I didn’t go until the next March. I was very shocked when the doctor came in my room and told me he saw something on my mammogram and he thought it was breast cancer.

I ended up having DCIS-early stage breast cancer. It was caught very early! I had a lumpectomy and 8 weeks of radiation. Had I not gone in March and had waited until December – they don’t know what they would have found then as the cancer was a fast growing kind.

I was asked to model this year for Bra Couture and feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful family. I have met some amazing women!

-Robin Anchors

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