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Joy Campbell Edited

Model Survivor Story: Joy Campbell

My life was forever changed on June 30, 2013. My husband Scott and I had just married our youngest child, Brooke, to her sweetheart and we were prepared for smooth sailing into life as empty nesters, a little travel and the beginning of what we thought would be known as life for just the two of us. You see we have a blended family and immediately had four children with us from our start into married life so had never known what is described as the “honeymoon phase”.

Almost exactly one month after Brooke’s marriage I found a lump in my left breast. I was hoping that what I was feeling would be a fibroid cyst as about 80% are and it hadn’t shown up on my yearly mammogram 6 months earlier. The next day I went to get a mammogram which led to a sonogram and then a visit from the Dr of Radiology in which he would confirm what my heart already knew. It was cancer. It is still such a surreal memory.

It was what seemed like an eternity of discovery with what seemed like a new doctor every day for 6 weeks. On August 28, 2013 I had a bilateral mastectomy with expanders placed during surgery. Six weeks later started chemo treatments. I had 6 chemo treatments which my body handled well. I also continued with multiple fills of the expanders in preparation of my final reconstruction surgery in February 2014.

My experience with KU Cancer Center was phenomenal. Their care was exceptional as they thought of every detail and Missy’s Boutique was a Godsend. Missy’s helped me choose my wigs and fittings of the after-surgery camisoles. It truly was a little taste of shopping therapy for a gal who had no energy to go shopping and helped me to forget for a moment why I was really visiting. Thank You.

In less than a year my life as I had known it completely changed forever. Would I choose to go through cancer, No! Am I glad I did, Yes! It was a life changer, a time to gain clarity on what is really important in life. A time for my husband and I to realize the strength of our relationship. Scott was/is my rock, right beside me for every step and every decision. When I needed a place to fall at times when the journey got tough, he was right there. Thank you Honey!

I am so grateful for Life! My life is as rewarding and full as it has ever been, and I am so honored to be involved with Bra Couture. A great cause to fulfill the part of my journey that desires to help others. It provides me with a place to offer HOPE for those who are uninsured and underinsured yet find themselves facing life changing decisions regarding their cancer journey.

-Joy Campbell

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