2018 Event:
SaraLamb Jason & Sara 2013 – 2

Model Survivor: Sara Lamb

In February of 2015 I was 34 years old and after attending my typical Monday lunchtime Pilates class, I found a large lump in my left breast. After all the subsequent doctor’s appointments, scans and biopsies, it was determined that I had Stage 2 Triple Negative BC. The tumor was 4cm in size and it had spread to one lymph node that was 2.5cm. I elected to be treated at KUMC and things got started right away.

I had 16 doses of chemo, followed by a lumpectomy, then six weeks of radiation. Because science has yet to determine a cause for TNBC, there is also no follow-up treatment, so once radiation was complete the waiting for clean scans began. I’ve had one clear scan which was very positive news and as long as my next scan in March 2017 is cancer free, the chances of it returning drops to nothing.

The waiting for that day has been a challenge so to help the time pass I elected to train for the Kansas City half marathon.  I’ve never run that far in my life so it’s been quite a challenge, but now the race is in three weeks and despite being appropriately nervous I also feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment at how far I’ve come in just 12 months.

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