2018 Event:
Chemo With My Husband Jen And Jerry

Model Survivor: Jennifer Bishop

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 17, 2015 at age 33. On July 29th I had a bi-lateral mastectomy.  I had a “lovely” 11 day stay in the hospital when my lung collapsed shortly after surgery (joy).

A few weeks later we began the “Red Devil” chemo with 16 rounds.  In addition, I found out that I carried the BRCA1 gene therefore after chemo ended in February, I had many surgeries including a full hysterectomy. My mother and sister were both tested and had the BRCA1 gene, therefore they had the mastectomy and hysterectomy performed. We were so blessed as after their surgeries they had found small cancerous cells growing in my mom’s breast.  Without this proactive mastectomy my mother would have eventually had full blown cancer.

My last surgery was a few months ago and I am feeling GREAT!!  I am back to life as normal, hair growing (woohoo), and I’m excited to be CANCER FREE.

Jennifer Bishop pictured here during chemotherapy treatment with her husband Jerry.

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