2018 Event:
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Featured Artist: Dan Conradt

Capturing the emotions, colors, and light of a moment in paint and canvas inspires me as an “Expressionist” artist.  The term “Expressionist” has various shades of definitions, but for me, I apply this term to my artworks in the sense of the emotions that I have expressed through my works, as well as in the sense of what inspires others, as they view the works.  In a sense, each work is like having a conversation with a viewer.  In each of these “conversations”, the viewer brings their own personal meanings, emotions, and context to the work.

For example, the scene from a forest is more than the forest to me.  What’s also important is what that scene inspires in each of us.  It could recall a moment of meditation on a walk in forest, or it could evoke other experiences and connections beyond that specific scene.

As for the media that I use, the works are the results of both traditional and non-traditional materials and methods.  I use traditional media, such as acrylic paint, water-color, and oil pastels, but I use a number of tools to create the effects, such as using grains, plants, and found objects to move the paint around and create mosaics of light, darkness, and color.  I hope you will take some time to join me for the Bra Couture KC event on May 5th, and you can preview examples of my works on my website, www.danconradt.com.

Pictured: Original painting by Dan Conradt that will be available for auction at this year’s Bra Couture KC event.

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