2018 Event:
Take 5 To Care Logo – KCTV AND KSMO

Bra Couture KC Supported by KCTV5 Take 5 to Care

Bra Couture KC is proud to be one of the charities in Kansas City selected for KCTV5’s Take 5 To Care program again for 2016.

Take 5 to Care is KCTV5 and KSMO’s year-round commitment to educate and involve Kansas City families with matters that affect our neighbors and our community. KCTV5 and KSMO focus on creating partnerships that lend help where it’s needed while giving the people of Kansas City opportunities to offer one another love, support, compassion and praise.

Take 5 to Care is aligned perfectly with the mission of Bra Couture KC; thank you KCTV5.

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