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Surviving the Odds Event


In November 2014, Bra Couture KC partnered with Surviving the Odds to support YES I AM; Women are invited to a unique event to receive a free mammogram by way of celebration and hosted by various organizations, individuals and churches. These women are transported from a designated location to an imagining center (preferred centers include Diagnostic Imaging and Leavenworth Imagining) to attend the mammogram party complete with swag bags, entertainment, refreshments and prize giveaways.

This event is the YES I AM!!! Mammogram Party Campaign, an advocacy effort to increase the awareness and education of breast health and breast cancer while focusing on the importance of annual screening for early detection in African American women and to provide free services to all women who are under and uninsured. Surviving the Odds provides patient navigation through the continuum of care to our preferred hospitals to women who may have received abnormal findings but have no primary care physician. We also provide mid-year and annual reminders for screening and we continue to provide educational opportunities pertaining to breast health and preventative care through various other community event including informational workshop, speaking engagements and conferences.

Since our collaboration with Bra Couture KC (formerly Art Bra KC), we have doubled our program participation allowing us to provide a total of 108 mammogram screenings through this partnership alone YTD. By increasing our event dates to 8 months versus 4, we are looking to improve the number of our participants once again with a goal to served 216 individuals by the end of fiscal 2016. Together we can change HERstory and support a movement of awareness to encourage annual screenings, to empower women to take control of their breast health and to change the disparity of late stage diagnoses. BE PROACTIVE and say YES I AM to getting your mammogram.

In partnership with Bra Couture KC we address the barriers that so often prevent our women from obtaining their annual screenings and we increase the awareness of early detection. This event is truly a wonderful bonding experience for the cause. BUT…….we are seeking more involvement; we want more celebrations, more opportunities to save lives and more individuals to be an advocate in this movement.

If you are interested in hosting or attending a mammogram party, please let us know and we will do all the work.​​ ​Take the challenge, encourage a sister to save a sister and remember, all that is really worth doing is what we do for others. For more information please contact Consuelo Ross at 816-866-3786 or email at consuelo@stofoundation.org. or reach to Sharon Butler Payne from Bra Couture KC at 816-304-4025.

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