"Renew & Ignite, a Bridge to Renewal" workshop to be offered through Verda's Place

Bra Couture KC in partnership with The Research Foundation announces a new class starting on February 28, 2019 entitled Renew and Ignite developed by Sharon Snowden-Hake that will be offered four times per year to current cancer patients through Verda’s Place.  Renew & Ignite, a Bridge to Renewal, is a two hour group workshop of intensive care and advice on self-care and improvement during cancer treatment.  Conducted once per quarter to current cancer uninsured patients through Verda's Place we will also teach patients how to tie scarves if they choose instead a wig with a leave behind hand painted silk scarf as a gift from us, makeup and skin care tips during treatment and a makeup/skin care bag to take with and lastly basic clothing styling ideas.   All makeup and skin care products will be from centers that will be affordable for the women we serve, e.g., CVS, Target, etc.  This class will be offered to uninsured patients at Truman Medical Center through the Bra Couture KC Appearance Center at TMC.  This is an expansion of the model experience on the runway for women without insurance or little means for self-care.

Verda's Place Story on KCTV5

Verda's Place, a special boutique funded by Bra Couture KC at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Research Medical Center, has already been helping cancer patients in the KC metro area. Click here to see one patient's story.


Bra Couture KC 2019 – April 12!

Celebrating the Hearts of Champions!

Join us for Bra Couture KC 2019 at Signature Hangar, Downtown Airport, 10 Richards Road.Thank you Signature Hangar for donating our event space for 2019! See you in April!


Bra Couture KC has our first $15,000 sponsorship for 2019! 

The Automobile Association of America-Kansas City announced their 2019 sponsorship August 15…. thank you AMA for launching 2019 with an extraordinary gesture of charity for Bra Couture KC’s uninsured community.


Save the Date: Free Mammogram Screening Party

We’re offering a free mammogram screening event this October 13th for uninsured/underinsured Northland women! See flier for details, and help us spread the word!


New Bra Couture KC Appearance Center Opens in Honor of Verda Salberg

“The very first time I heard that Sharon wanted to do this and name it after my wife, obviously we were very honored by it, very humbled,” said John Salberg.

Take a look at the newly opened Verda’s Place appearance center at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Research Medical Center with KCTV5 News Kansas City. The shop provides things like wigs, post-surgery bras, and lymphedema garments. They are all available at no cost for those who are uninsured or underinsured. View video here.

Verda’s Place Grand Opening!

Bra Couture KC founder Sharon Payne recently appeared on KCTV5’s Better KC segment to talk about Verda’s Place – a new Bra Couture KC appearance center at Research Hospital.  Sharon, along with Cynthia Randazzo, President and CEO of Research Foundation, spoke about the mission of the center – to provide bras, scarves, compression socks, lymphedema garments and other essentials for uninsured or under insured cancer patients.

Verda’s Place will have a Grand Opening event on July 19th from 4-6pm at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Research Medical Center.

Watch the studio interview and learn more here.


An Update on Breast Implant Technology

By Paul J. Leahy, MD, FACS
Monarch Plastic Surgery


Rebuilding a woman’s God-given breast using human-made instruments and materials remains one of the biggest challenges that a plastic surgeon deals with.

The naturally-beautiful shapes, contours, and proportions are often dramatically altered by the necessary treatments, particularly mastectomy and radiation. Though the human breast never defines who a woman is, it still is a meaningful part of feeling whole. The loss of breast symmetry can negatively affect the way that clothing fits, cause discomfort and skin irritation, and it impacts a person’s self-esteem — not to mention that it is a constant reminder of the breast disease they are fighting. Biomedical engineers are constantly working with plastic surgeons to improve breast implant technology. We have come a long way since the first implants were placed in the early 1960’s.

Much of the public still assumes that all silicone implants are “bad,” and that they leak and cause problems. This is not the case. The U.S.F.D.A. studied silicone gel implants for about 15 years in great detail and found no true link between a leaking silicone breast implant and any medical disease. In the fall of 2006, they were re-released (with many design updates) for both cosmetic and reconstructive uses.

Silicone-filled breast implants are still the more commonly used devices for breast reconstruction. I, personally, really enjoy trying new devices and am always in search of the “perfect” implant.

Read Dr. Leahy’s full article on new reconstructive surgery and breast implant technology here.