Lymphedema Prevention

Many breast cancer patients have a lifelong risk of developing lymphedema, which is a buildup of fluid in soft body tissues that causes painful swelling. Lymphedema occurs when lymph nodes are surgically removed, much like intersections being closed during construction. When this happens, fluid can’t move through the body and out because lymph system pathways are gone. If alternate routes can’t be found, then fluid backs up and the arm begins to swell. 

2020 Model Survivor Heather Dickman

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer right after Thanksgiving 2018. I had gone for my very first mammogram at age 45 because I had Addison when I was 39 and Asher when I was 41 and breastfed them both for a little over a year.

An Update on Breast Implant Technology

Rebuilding a woman’s God-given breast using human-made instruments and materials remains one of the biggest challenges that a plastic surgeon deals with. Read how Dr. Leahy is using a new reconstructive surgery and breast implant technology here.