Patricia Stouffer

2021 Model Survivor

My name is Patricia Stouffer and I am 56 years old. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in my right breast; Double negative, HER-2 positive (the strand of cancer that was living in my body). Early in life I was told that I had Fibrocystic breasts, also known as “Lumpy breasts.” I would continue to get several lumps throughout my life and had several biopsies because of it. Turns out that none of the lumps I had removed were Cancerous. So, in June of 2017 I felt another lump, but was not alarmed. I was on the 6-month plan, which consisted of me having a mammogram and ultrasound of my breasts every 6 months. The reason I would have 2 tests each time was due to my very dense breasts. The mammogram alone couldn’t see thru the dense breast tissue that all my previous biopsies had caused. Since I had just went for my 6-month tests in March, I figured that when I felt a lump in June, it wasn’t a big deal and I could wait until my September 6-month screenings. Well that little sucker was the “BIG C.” On Sept 1, 2017, I had my scheduled mammogram which showed nothing and to follow was my ultra sound. Boom! There is was, an aggressive mass! I was diagnosed as a stage 2B. From March-September, it appeared to be growing fast. I opted to have both of my breasts removed and 4 lymph nodes removed. I then named myself “Flattipattikakes.” I even had shirts and wine glasses made with my new name on it. I felt a weight being lifted off my mind because for years I felt that one day one of my lumps would be Cancerous. I had been living in fear. Well, true enough, that’s what Satin would have wanted for me, but I’m saved by the blood, so God carried me thru all of that! Once I was diagnosed I had no tears. He dried them up inside of me before I could even shed one. He held me high above sadness because for the fight I needed to be strong and strong I was. I also had a very strong support group throughout all of this but more than anything I had my faith. God put all the right people in place to help me along the way. I never felt alone during my battle. There were some lonely days but I learned that you can be alone but not lonely. I couldn’t be around a lot of people because my chemo was so aggressive and when you have aggressive chemo, your immune system has trouble fighting off germs. God used my alone time to bond with me. I also had prayers and love all around from my family and friends. Six months later, I had completed all my chemo treatments and was back to work. It took a while to get my strength back and to get “Me” back. It has now been 2 years since my diagnosis and I am truly blessed to have experienced this and to have the opportunity to share my battle. Hopefully my story will help someone else’s battle. “Flattipattikakes,” is Cancer free!